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Ur Way Cleaning Services

Customized With You In Mind

Your Cleanliness Is Our Business

The Cleaners You Can Trust

When it comes to residential and corporate cleaning services, look no further than UR Way Cleaning Services. Our cleaning team in Columbus, Ohio is more than capable of keeping your home or workplace neat and tidy regularly.

What We Offer:

Corporate Services

Construction Cleaning: Labor intensive; call us today, and we will get it done spick and span before the owner moves in.

Office Cleaning: Let us create a clean and healthy atmosphere in your office. We will make sure your professional space shines and impresses clients.

Blind Cleaning: Blinds can be huge and hard to handle, no worries we have you covered. 

Carpet Cleaning / Flooring: We clean, strip, buff, and wax floors when necessary.

One-Time Services: Call and book a service anytime; we will get to you in a jiffy.

Window Cleaning (Indoors): Inside cleaning of your windows to make it good as new. 

Trash Removal: We will take out the trash, so you don’t need to! It’s as simple as that.

Residential Services

Deep Cleaning: Our initial cleaning service, we’ll get your office to a beautifully clean!

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning: We’ll make sure you get your security deposit back by making your apartment or house look brand new!

Blind Cleaning: Blinds can be huge and hard to handle, no worries we have you covered. 

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning: Let us get all those hard to reach places for you. 

Fire and Flood Clean-up: Cleaning after a tragedy can be hard on you mentally and physically, we will ensure you are taken care of. 

Kitchen Cleaning: We will clean your stove, refrigerator, cabinet, window sills, doors, and light fixtures. Just tell us how you want it, and it’s done—Ur Way!

Bathroom Cleaning: Our special, eco-friendly detailing system will have your bathroom looking and smelling at its best.

Window Cleaning (Indoors): Inside cleaning of your windows to make it good as new.     

Refrigerator cleaning: Let us handle the stress of the mess.

Pressure Washing: Let us take the pressure off of you.

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